How To Protect Your Furniture In A Move

When you are moving to a new house or apartment, you might be excited for the chance to start over, get your decoration scheme right this time, and essentially make the place your own. This excitement can quickly burn out if you get to your final destination only to discover that your favorite comfortable chair has stains on its upholstery and that there are scratches all over your dining room table. Here are some ways that you can prevent your furniture from being damaged in a move.

1. Clean Your Furniture

Before you do any packing, you are going to want to get all of the dirt and other abrasive particles out of your furniture. This is important because if you don't, the packing materials that you put over the furniture might still lead to scratches. If the dirt is allowed to rub between the furniture and the packing materials while the furniture is in transit, then it might produce scratches on the furniture, causing major problems. If you clean your furniture instead, you will be able to avoid this problem.

2. Dismantle What You Can and Wrap Everything

You are going to want to dismantle the furniture to the best of your ability. Take off legs and wrap them in bubble wrap. Use a piece of painter's tape and a permanent marker to label where each piece of furniture goes so that you can easily assemble them again when you get to your new home. Remove cushions from furniture and place them in large plastic bags to protect them from moisture and stains. If any of the furniture has a built-in mirror, consider wrapping that area in an old blanket before wrapping it in bubble wrap to be absolutely certain that the mirror will not be broken in transit.

3. Get Large Pieces of Cardboard for Item Separation

Before the day of the move, stock up on large pieces of corrugated cardboard. Get as much as you can because you can always recycle them if you have too many. When placing items in the moving truck, place a pieces of corrugated cardboard in between each item as a way of separating them and reducing the chances that they will scratch each other. Check recycling stations and large businesses for this type of material.

For more information, talk to a furniture or packing company like Sureline Foam Products in Calgary. They might have special products that they can recommend.