2 Simple Ways To Give Your Dining Table A Makeover

It can be easy to grow weary of the look of your furniture over time. Unfortunately, purchasing new dining room furniture might not be in your budget. If you want to give your dining room a different look, there are some easy ways to upgrade your dining room table that will leave the room feeling fresh and new.

Here are two simple ways to give your dining table a makeover in the future.

1. Add a fresh coat of paint.

The use of bold colors is making a comeback in interior design, and you can easily incorporate more color into your dining room by applying a fresh coat of paint to your dining table.

Since most dining tables are made of wood, painting is a simple (and affordable) way to completely change the look of any dining set. Chalk paint can provide a soft and whimsical finish, and you can easily whip up a batch of your own chalk paint at home. All you need to do is add 1/3 cup Plaster of Paris to 2 cups of paint, and mix in 2 tablespoons of water.

Apply the chalk paint as you would any other paint, and your dining table will have a colorful, smooth finish that will brighten your dining room.

2. Stencil a pattern using stain.

If you prefer the look of natural wood in your dining room, you can still add an element of excitement by using stain to create a stenciled pattern on the top of your dining table. This project is simple, and requires only white latex paint, basic painting supplies, a stencil, and the stain color of your choice.

Start by sanding off the existing finish from your dining room table. Next, secure your stencil in place with some painter's tape. It's best to begin in the center and work your way toward the edges of the table. Apply a coat of white latex paint, move your stencil to the next location, and repeat until the entire table top is stenciled.

Finish off by applying a coat of stain, and sealing your hard work with a polyurethane gloss to protect against damage during daily use.

Giving your dining room furniture a facelift is a simple way to change to look of your dining room. Apply a coat of chalk paint or use a stencil and some wood stain to give your dining table a makeover.