Choosing Hotel Furniture For Your Lobby: Styles To Look For

When it comes to picking out furnishings for your hotel lobby, you want to keep a few things in mind. First you want to choose furniture that will last for many years, and secondly, you want to choose pieces in styles that will still appear modern and trendy even when tastes change. As you explore your options for couches, chairs, tables, and more online and in local furniture stores, look for key things in the purchases you make. Here is a guide to help you choose exactly what your hotel lobby needs.

Neutral tones

Neutrals are great for hotel lobby furniture because they match existing decor and carpeting choices and are more likely to stay classic in style. Opt for light mint, creamy white, solid black, or rich brown as your main hues for your furnishings even if you want floral or striped patterns in your cushions for added allure.


Leather is known for its durability, rich appeal, and classic lines. In other words, you can't go wrong choosing this type of material for couches, chairs, and chaises for your hotel lobby. If you want to give your lobby a grand appearance, stick to rich black or tobacco hues. If you want your lobby to appear bright and welcoming go with stunning white. You can complement leather pieces with velvety throws and colorful pillows.


If you want a few accent pieces that will match the rest of your hotel lobby's design and decor, stick to wooden pieces. Nightstands, coffee tables, end tables, and computer stations outfitted with classic wooden pieces stained in dark natural hues will not only look amazing with the rest of the furniture in your lobby, they will last for a long time. When buying hotel furniture online, stick to hardwoods, such as chestnut, maple, or oak. Pine and bamboo are often cheaper options but they tend to scratch and may wear out sooner than heavier pieces will.

When buying your hotel lobby furniture online, make sure you choose a website that offers free or discounted shipping and has available customer service outlets during hours where you can conveniently reach them. This way you can track your pieces and even have assistance during the ordering process. If you are outfitting hotel rooms as well, it's best to buy most of your furniture in the same venue so you can enjoy bulk discounts and ensure that all your furniture will match.  To learn more, contact a company like Contract Furniture Solutions